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"Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames."


Timmies & New Friends

So I met a client at a timmies the other day. HA! Picture this: You were going about your day, indulging in the ordinary tasks and errands that make up our daily lives. Little did you know that a chance encounter would ignite a spark and leave an indelible mark on your memory. You find … Timmies & New Friends

The Art of Communication

Being a sex worker enhances my communication skills significantly. To effectively sell my services, maintain a client base, and attract new customers, I rely on my strong communication abilities. Engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds and walks of life requires not only speaking with them, but also observing their body language, movements, and facial expressions. … The Art of Communication

Monday Thoughts

When is it a good time to call a provider? The client provider relationship is truly special. It’s bound by time, intricate and unique by nature, and distinct in itself. Without peeling back every single layer of yourself, a bond is formed with a complete stranger. It comes naturally, and has the potential to grow … Monday Thoughts

Weekly Update — 14/03/23

Hi loves, I’ve been doing sex work for 10+ years, and I can’t say that I’ve ever really taken time off because I’ve needed it. I’ve left the industry before, of course— I haven’t been going strong for the last 10 years! But each time I leave the industry it’s due to burnout or some … Weekly Update — 14/03/23

Deposits — Industry Standard

Please note that in this post, I am solely discussing deposits, nothing more, nothing less (duh lol). In my previous post, I discuss a few topics, but just scratch the surface. I aim to get a bit more in depth here regarding deposits, as I feel it’s necessary for new clients, and those who’ve been … Deposits — Industry Standard

Puttanesca: The Lady of The Night

Made by combining anchovies, capers, olives, and optional ingredients like garlic, red pepper flakes, chile peppers, and tomatoes into a truly tasty gravy. “According to Luca Cesari, writer and author of The History of Pasta in Ten Dishes, the recipe’s origins are murky”, dating back beyond the 50s.  There is debate, first, about the location of … Puttanesca: The Lady of The Night

Why I Do Sex Work

Everyone should be free to make their own decisions and have the bodily autonomy to chose for themselves how they live their lives, so long as it’s not hurting themselves or others. That’s my belief. However, others, not so much. Some believe that ‘prostitution’ is a violent industry, warped with violence, pimps, and women who are … Why I Do Sex Work

Weekly Update — 27/02/23

Candace Selene Scribbles Away… Hello lovers, What a beautiful day it is! I’m so thankful to wake up in my own bed and have a roof over my head this morning. This past weekend, on February 23rd, my girlfriend and her partner’s home, along with residents of the building, was tragically burned to the ground. … Weekly Update — 27/02/23