Why I Retired The 60 Minute Date

Written by Selene Candace

I’ve been asked this question several times since I retired my 1 hour date, so let me tell you why.

I like to spend time at the beginning of my dates getting to know my new clients, and catching up with familiar faces. I put in an effort to show interest and it helps people get comfortable and show their most vulnerable sides to me. I’m genuinely interested in my client’s lives, it’s not an act or a show, I’m just using this time to build a rapport prior to sexy time. Usually, this means 1 hour isn’t enough time to make all this happen. I like to let my dates flow effortlessly, naturally, with ease, not be forced and scripted, or worst of all, rushed.

Those that booked the 1 hour date were typically those asking for extensive requests. “Can I cum twice?”, “Is it msog?”, “Wear XXX”, etc etc etc. The audacity the cheapest man has is beyond me.

As my good friend Stefania once said, “we have standards and boundaries for a reason; they’re not walls to keep clients out, they’re gates to keep bad clients out and only let the good clients in”. Couldn’t have articulated it any better. It takes years to learn how to hold strong and not let down our standards and boundaries.

Now, my highest paying clients, those that book 6+ hours, I usually don’t hear a peep from. As such, I’ve decided to restructure my rates and retire my 1 hour date, making my 2 hour date my minimum. I’ve always had a 2 hour minimum, but since retiring the 1 hour, I can honestly say it’s a load off my back. My rates are heavily structured towards longer engagements, as that’s where my personality shines. I’ve had the best client retention rate from longer engagements.

I was hesitant at first, as sometimes a 1 hour date can fit perfectly into your schedule and be convenient at times; however, I live a full and busy life. Being a companion, content creator, working full-time at my civ job, and part-time as an admin assistant for other providers, leaves me with little extra time. I would rather use my free time to tend to personal relationships and my health.

My clients are nothing less than interesting and inspiring individuals. I can appreciate that the people I meet are just as busy as I am, and that’s why I always remind them that they’re welcome to leave whenever they want. But wasting my time is not an option. Setting myself up for longer engagements has really turned my business around and allowed me to meet some astounding individuals I never would have had the chance to meet if I was still giving my time to 1 hour dates.

Let’s make this fantasy a reality.