due di noi!

Have you ever wanted to experience two beautiful women at the same time? Well, I have a few friends who can make that happen for you!

Have you ever found yourself fantasizing about the allure of being in the company of two enchanting women simultaneously? Well, your desires are about to become a reality! Imagine the pleasure of experiencing the captivating presence of not just one, but two beautiful women dedicated to ensuring your utmost satisfaction. Double the beauty, double the fun;)

With each of my friends below, we share a natural chemistry, creating an atmosphere of seamless connection and shared passion for you.

I am truly at ease in the presence of a woman, and eager for any one of my friends to join us for a date! My beautiful friends and I would love for you to join us for play time, a dinner date or a romantic getaway somewhere warm.

Note: Rates are applied as standard– as per the rate of the companion with the higher rate. Please reach out via my Booking Form, or directly through my beautiful friends below for a date!

Tara Parker, a beautiful soul inside and out, one of my duo partners in Ottawa, available for dinner dates, rendezvous, and playtime fun!

Tara Parker