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What You Should Know

Rates reflect my time and companionship only. Should anything occur, that is strictly the decision of two (or more) consenting adults of legal age, and is not being contracted or compensated for.

Dates longer than 4 hours must include public & private time, as well as meals and/ or an activity of some kind. See date ideas here!

My dates and packages are intentionally skewed towards longer engagements. I always prioritize longer dates/ FMTY/ overnights as it allows us to enjoy our time together without any rush! I place a high importance on fostering new relationships, forming deep and valued connections, and making long-lasting friendships. For this reason, longer dates are suggested for new encounters. 

Prebooking, screening and deposit are mandatory in order to secure a date with me.

Privacy & Electronics

Upon entry into my incall, or upon my entry into your outcall, all electronics must be stowed away; this includes phones, laptops, glasses and anything that may be used as a recording device, and will be placed in the bathroom with the door closed until the date is complete. I appreciate your cooperation!

‘What is Your Screening Policy?/ Why Do I Have to Screen?/ Do I Have to Screen? Etc. etc. etc’.

Screening is mandatory. I take my safety and your privacy seriously. Screening is for my physical and overall safety, and I will not budge on my criteria. All new suitors are required to submit a verification process. Discretion is of utmost importance to me. I understand the significance of one’s privacy. Any and all information you send me will be kept strictly confidential. It will only be used to verify your identity, at which point it will be destroyed. Thus, if screening is not for you, we are probably not a good match. 

It’s important for you to know that my booking form is set to auto-destroy new entries after 24 hours. All your data and files uploaded for screening are wiped after 24 hours and I no longer have access to them. Email preserves attachments. Thus, booking form is preferable.

‘What is Your Menu?’

Questions like this are perfect if you want to screen yourself out. I am not a restaurant; therefore, I do not have a ‘menu’. I provide a unique and top-tier experience for each and every suitor I see. Each experience curated uniquely towards the individual client, based on the needs and desires I pick up on through subtle cues. I connect on an intimate level, which comes naturally to me. The experience I provide is likened to a sweet girlfriend experience, one in which you’ve been swept off your feet by your long-standing lover. It’s sweet, it’s vanilla, it’s genuine, it’s authentic and it’s similar to my real life dating style. I strive to make every encounter the most memorable, the most sensual, the most beautiful.

With 10 years in the industry, I have curated a girlfriend experience that is sure to make your toes curl. I am an attentive lover, eager to please. I connect warmly and instantly with others. Intimate, deeply engaging, responsive and accommodating to your needs. Although, I do also have a wild side that comes out to play. If you cannot risk being seen in public, simply based on personal preference or status, I do have options for you, at a cost. This service is available for the lover who does not wish to leave the hotel room. Whatever your pleasure, I can assure you will leave mentally, physically and emotionally rechargedRates are available on the Investment page. 

Candace Selene wears all white, like she dropped from heaven into your arms

Deposits & Payment Option

30% deposit and accommodations + travel must be secured before our time together is confirmed50% for FMTY/ DMTY (see Investment page). Deposits are to be sent via Wishlist or e-transfer (see Investments page for more details). Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

The remainder of the donation is due in cash only, and should be placed in an unsealed envelope, gift bag, or card, within the first few minutes of our encounter. A lady never likes to ask for her due donation, but I will, if need be.

Gifts and tips are never expected but always appreciated, and make me anticipate our date that much more. If you enjoy showering a woman with gifts, I have some ideas for you (check out my Wishlist). Your generosity will not go unnoticed! It’s definitely the easiest way to set you apart as the gentleman I adore and spoil in return.

‘How Should I Contact You?’

First impressions are everything! They dictate how the rest of the date (should there be a date) will go. Please be on your best behaviour from the beginning of our date until the moment you leave. This includes your initial contact via Booking Form. Please don’t forget to tell me a bit about yourself and how you’d like to spend our time together in the space provided.

I understand nerves can play a part in how well messages via email/ booking form can be received. So for my new friends/ lovers, please do not put too much pressure on yourself. Please also specify if there is anything I can do to make our date more comfortable for you (i.e. accommodations).

‘Are You Available *Right Now*’?

I am a human being and need time to prepare myself mentally and physically. If you want me at my best, please provide at least 48 hours notice (1 week preferable) in advance for all dates. Please keep in mind that I have suitors booking months in advance and I appreciate the thoughtfulness of a prebooked date made well in advance! If you want me at my best, plan ahead. Clients booking last minute (under 24 h) are subject to paying twice my rate.

‘Do You Allow Photographs/ Videos of Yourself?’

Under no circumstances are you permitted to photograph or record me using any equipment of any nature. If I find out you did so in any way, I will contact my lawyer.

‘Do You Take Outfit Requests?’

If you would like me to wear something, it will need to be sponsored. I take payments via Wishlist, or you can simply send the gift via gift card. Another option is to select something I’ve had my eye on from my Wishlist!

‘What is Your Review Policy?’

I see our time together as special, and not to be exploited for the world to see. I do not engage in review culture and have a strict No Review Policy. If you’d like to read more on this, see my blog post here. Kindly refrain from publishing any information about our time together, and I will do the same.

‘What is Your Cancellation/ Deposit Policy?’

If you need to cancel a date, I ask that you please provide more than 48 hours notice. Please note that all bookings require a deposit. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please provide 48+ hours notice should you wish to cancel. A cancellation made under 48 hours notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee of the booked appointment, due with 24 hours notice of the invoice sent. A cancellation made under 24 hours notice will incur a 100% cancellation fee of the booked appointment, due within 24 hrs of the invoice sent. A cancellation made after booking a tour date, after any amount of time, will incur a fee of 100% of the engagement, due within 24 hrs of the invoice sent. Should you not adhere to these policies, your ability to book again will be withdrawn. If, for any reason, I am the one to cancel our date, I will promptly provide the amount back in full within 24 hours.

 When you fill out my Booking Form, you are agreeing to finalize your booking request. You are agreeing that you have done your research on me prior to contacting me, and understand all of my policies and business practices and agree to abide by them. This is your responsibility. If I respond to your booking request, there is a mandatory 30-50% deposit (varies on date length and location) you must pay immediately upon submitting your request. If you have hesitations after I have gone through the process of answering and screening you, your booking is considered a cancellation and you are still required to pay the deposit. This policy exists to protect my business against timewasters and those who do not do their research prior to contacting sex workers. Failure to pay will result in you ending up on industry blacklists and being removed from my contact list permanently. 

Tour Inquiries

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Booking Policies

Upon booking, you agree that you have read the entire FAQ & Policies section along with the Etiquette page.

‘Who Handles Communications?’

I prefer to handle all communications as it allows me to screen through non-serious inquiries according to my preference. If you have sent a booking request and it has not been responded to, it’s most likely because it is lewd in nature or there is missing information. I don’t hand-hold grown men. To guarantee a response, please include all required information in your Booking Form and the follow up email

‘I am Not in Your City/ Country. How Can I See You?’

A FMTY of course! See details for FMTYs here. I am passport ready and my love of travel extends far beyond Canada. Some destinations on my wish list are: Croatia, Greece, Spain and Peru. 

‘Do You See Couples?’

Absolutely! I welcome couples as clients and understand that exploring intimacy together can be a rewarding experience. Witnessing partners navigate their intimacy together is not only fulfilling, but also deeply rewarding for me! as well I am dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for the both of you; whether you’re seeking to reignite the spark, celebrate a special occasion, or simply explore new avenues of pleasure, I am here to facilitate an unforgettable experience tailored to your preferences. Please add an additional flat rate of +250.