Weekly Update — 27/02/23

Written by Selene Candace

Candace Selene Scribbles Away…

Hello lovers,

What a beautiful day it is! I’m so thankful to wake up in my own bed and have a roof over my head this morning. This past weekend, on February 23rd, my girlfriend and her partner’s home, along with residents of the building, was tragically burned to the ground. In addition to losing everything, the fire left over 60 people homeless. If you would like to donate to ease their financial stress, I know it would mean a lot to them. You can donate here. Knowing my friend, she would smile and say “thanks dude!” with the biggest grin ever on her petite face, curls falling at the side. Let’s all be grateful for what we have today.


I’ve been working my little tushy off in preparation for my upcoming surgery! I’ve posted on Twitter, but I’ll make it formal here: it’s at the end of March, so I’ll be officially unavailable starting end March to end April (exact dates TBD). I’m going to miss you all during my hiatus! I’ll still be active on Twitter, and would be so appreciative of support during my time off work! I’ve created a few ‘support’ options on my Wishtender for the generous ones! Spicy surprises in return for assistance:)


Oh, how could I forget; a gorgeous friend of mine came to meet me this weekend from Montreal. We enjoyed a lovely brunch, chatted like two schoolgirls for hours in her hotel room, and shared an exceptional duo experience with a suitor we swept off his feet! All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. Hopefully we’ll get to experience a few more memorable nights like these before I’m whisked away to surgery. We also have big plans for the future, so stay tuned for that 😉

Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy week ahead!

Candace Selene