Does A Companion Sleep With Every Client?

Written by Selene Candace

It’s become almost societal norm to believe that hiring a companion will always lead to sexual services. However, as my good friend Katija Cortez points out, that’s most often times not the case. What clients are looking for is to spend quality time in the company of an exquisite companion that they have selected, whether that leads to sex or not. 

In many instances, clients simply want the satisfaction of exchanging a good time, compelling conversation, and a pleasant back and forth with a companion; it doesn’t always lead to sex. Sometimes they just want to revel in your presence. Other times it’s true, the client wants a quick fuck. But not always. I’ll give an example of mine. 

A stalky bald CEO of a finance company who was in town for the weekend from the US reached out to me via booking form; he couldn’t have been more polite (these are the kind of inquiries I like— hint hint). He filled out my form correctly (which isn’t very hard to do seeing as it’s 5 radio button questions and one fill-in-the-blank) and sent his deposit immediately after (just as instructed). I responded within my allotted time-frame (under 24 hours).

When we met, he was nervous, I could tell, as his forehead was profusely sweating and his underarms had stains. But I didn’t care, he was a gentleman. He presented me with the donation in a gift bag which also included a pair of sexy black hosiery. When I thanked him, he acted as if it was nothing and said I didn’t have to wear anything I was uncomfortable in. I was very appreciative.

I took his hand and lead him to the couch where I asked him if he wanted anything from the mini bar; his response surprised me! He told me that he followed my Twitter, and was ‘proud of me for [my] accomplishment on being clean, and wouldn’t want to drink in front of [me] because of that’. I poured us both a glass of lemonade (which I always have on hand as I don’t drink) and we began to chat. We talked for 2 hours straight. He told me about his work, his strained marriage, his kids, his boat, his life in general. During the last hour I wondered if I should make a move, so I inched closer, but he seemed comfortable; he relaxed further and continued to speak. When the 3 hours were up, he excused himself politely, thanked and kissed me on the cheek and left. 

Experiences like this are not a rarity; they happen quite often. Many clients enjoy the simplicity of a good conversation. But I won’t say anymore. My friend Katija eloquently tells her experience and the phenomenon here


Candace Selene