Deposits — Industry Standard

Written by Selene Candace

Please note that in this post, I am solely discussing deposits, nothing more, nothing less (duh lol). In my previous post, I discuss a few topics, but just scratch the surface. I aim to get a bit more in depth here regarding deposits, as I feel it’s necessary for new clients, and those who’ve been mislead, to be brought up to speed on the subject of deposits. 

I blogged about how to book a provider in my blog post, New to Booking Providers?, back in November of 2022, but I left out a key piece of information — deposits. As the post was getting lengthy, I felt I had made my point about other key facts such as introductory messages and screening. However, it’s paramount to touch upon deposits as almost every legitimate provider you come across will require one for booking (the standard being 25-50%). 

As discussed in my previous post, screening is important for both the client and provider as it keeps us both safe from law enforcement (LE) and other possibly dangerous situations. Slobbyists claim they’ve been ‘scammed’ by provider’s requiring deposits, and push this propaganda onto new clients, who aren’t yet sure how to navigate the industry. If those new clients get caught up in these slobbyist review boards, they’ll start to believe this outrageous claim. Truth is, these slobbyists haven’t done their due diligence of researching a provider prior to sending said deposit. You can’t simply send a deposit to just anyone; it takes work on the client’s end. Providers who’ve built up their reputation through years of an online social media presence, invested money in photo shoots, and thought into their brand are not going to scam you by asking for screening (or deposit); it’s just not worth it. Furthermore, as a provider, I’m far more vulnerable than any client; I’m inviting you into my world, my mind and body. My risk is much higher than losing a deposit. 

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons providers require deposits:

-To reduce timewasters that are abundant and thriving in the sex working industry;

-To secure a date/ time that suits all parties, just as other service providers do (think of your gym, dentist, and spa; all require deposits);

-To normalize industry standards— this is a business; sex work is work, and our time should be respected as it is in any other industry; 

-To help with expenses— think business expenses: tours, accommodations, Uber, flights, etc.;

Deposit Policies:

It’s important that you read a provider’s deposit policy in full before agreeing to pay a deposit. You don’t want to get stuck in a situation that you’re not comfortable with. Tip: if you’re not comfortable with a provider’s policy, simply move along; do not try to haggle terms and conditions. It’s a faux pas. 

How to Pay a Deposit:

Not everyone will have the same method of payment. Depending on location, some may prefer wishlist, while others may prefer Cash App. Others may state they take bitcoin or e-transfer. Read your provider’s policies before asking as their payment method is guaranteed to be laid out in their policy. Tip: PayPal is not sex worker friendly, so avoid payments via PayPal. If you do not pay your required deposit, your booking does not exist.

As we covered in my initial post, screening clients has become industry standard. Deposits are also industry standard and best practice used by providers in business. If you don’t agree, simply move along, don’t argue, don’t haggle, don’t disturb; we have a business to run and prefer to not be bogged down by disgruntled men (I say men because if you’re not paying me, you’re not a client) attacking our business styles. And just know, those who do, water off a duck’s back 🦆 .


Candace Selene