Winnipeg & Vancouver Aug 15-19

Otherwise, Ottawa, Toronto & FMTY

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Winnipeg: From Strangers to Besties In an Airport & New Lovers

Airplanes, how they captivate us with their ability to transport us swiftly and effortlessly to our desired destinations. They are a marvel of efficiency and speed, traversing vast distances across the globe, offering us a splendid perspective of the world. Yet, alongside this admiration, there exists a disdain, not solely for the well-known reasons. Their … Winnipeg: From Strangers to Besties In an Airport & New Lovers

Timmies & New Friends

So I met a client at a timmies the other day. HA! Picture this: You were going about your day, indulging in the ordinary tasks and errands that make up our daily lives. Little did you know that a chance encounter would ignite a spark and leave an indelible mark on your memory. You find … Timmies & New Friends

The Art of Communication

Being a sex worker enhances my communication skills significantly. To effectively sell my services, maintain a client base, and attract new customers, I rely on my strong communication abilities. Engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds and walks of life requires not only speaking with them, but also observing their body language, movements, and facial expressions. … The Art of Communication

Best Buy – Missed Opportunity?

Updated: Nov 14, 2022 Candace Selene, Your Favourite Italian Girlfriend, Freestyling at Best Buy Freestyling– we all know what it is. An “easy” way (for some) to obtain customers by “sitting pretty” at a hotel/ sports bar/ casino/ ect. “Easy” because the client can visibly see that you’re a real person and not a “scammer’ (as … Best Buy – Missed Opportunity?