Peace of Mind

Written by Selene Candace

What’s the most thoughtful gift a client has given me? Peace of mind. Peace of mind that I’m safe with him, peace of mind that I’m being respected, and peace of mind that I’m being cared for in terms of listening to my needs, providing me with the agreed upon compensation (he actually went above and beyond), and validating my feelings. 

From the start, this gentleman was great. He completed my booking form, screened, and sent a deposit within his first encounter. He also booked a longer date as, ‘he wanted to get to know me on a personal level first’, his words not mine. I love it when you guys want to get to know me, for me before intimacy. He had great communication from the start. He was transparent, honest with his wants and needs, and very respectful at the same time. This behaviour took over into the bedroom also, might I add. Which I find is quite a theme. Those who have manners via email are usually the same behind closed doors, and vice versa. Those who are rude and unpleasant via email or text are usually those who I wouldn’t want near me behind closed doors. This gentleman was kind and respectful, and listened to my wants and needs in return. Furthermore, he kindly tipped me more than my rate, which I truly appreciated! He was also a passionate lover. We built a newfound emotional connection that day. 

I am truly grateful for clients like mr. G who respect me with such care. There’s nothing more I could ask for. Feeling safe, seen and comfortable with a partner is paramount in my eyes. I expect all suitors to treat me this way.