Written by Selene Candace

This job has allowed me the opportunity to explore my boundaries— a journey of growth. Of course I face challenges from time-to-time, but overall, I’ve seen real growth in the strength of my relationships. I’ve come to understand just how important it is in fostering healthy connections. 

Growth requires stepping outside of your comfort zone. Each challenge I face has been a stepping stone to a more resilient version of myself, and become tools in assisting others on their journey to healing and growth. I find I’m more capable of advocating for my needs and maintaining a healthy equilibrium between give and take, translating to a newfound strength within my relationships. This allows me to be present and hold space for those with low self esteem, anxiety, codependency, etc. Having firsthand experience allows me to create a compassionate and nonjudgmental space for connecting with others. 

It’s a journey of continuous learning. Understanding how to uniquely communicate with each person is a dynamic and rewarding experience, as boundaries are complex. 

This is by no means an excuse for poor behaviour or lack of boundaries, but just a simple observation I’ve made having been in the industry for many years. 

If you’re severely struggling with setting boundaries, please seek professional help and do not dump your life’s issues on a provider; it’s inconsiderate and harmful as we’re not psychologists/ psychiatrists. There is room to grow and evolve in the confidence of a professional therapeutic relationship. We are not professionals (in that area). We solely seek to create connections that are nurturing, respectful and harmonious.