My Wishlist & What I Love

Never expected but always appreciated. Your generosity will not go unnoticed❤️ It sets you apart from the rest.

Gift Cards from Saks Fifth Avenue, Chanel, Honey Birdette, Versace, gifts such as roses, candles, plants (such as an aloe vera or pachira aquatica) or something from my Wishlist.

As an independent companion, I love receiving gifts, big or small! That is why I have created a wishlist on Wishtender for your generosity and budget!

I always make sure to dress appropriately for any occasion. My slender waist, long legs, well-manicured nails, flowing hair that cascades down to the small of my back, petite chest, and olive skin tone (light to medium, depending on the season or my travel plans) create the perfect canvas for red lipstick, location-appropriate outfits, and stockings with lingerie. If you’d like to contribute to my collection, I’d be delighted to reserve a special spot in my closet for something new from a special someone—whoever spoils me will be spoiled in return!

I have a captivating presence in short skirts and dresses, pleasing to the eye. Moreover, I indulge in high-quality, sexy hosiery, in case that happens to be your fantasy. Great legs also mean endurance 😉

With my trip to Türkiye coming up in November, I’ve created a section in my Wishtender called ‘Plastics/ Injections‘ and ‘Travel‘.

My most desired items are here:

For my flight + baggage!

To help with the rest of my procedure expenses!

I need a very secure strap for my bag & I absolutely adore this! Plus I found a great deal on Rebag! Think of the environment!

I heard you need secure cross body bags, so these are two of my preferred styles! Both are available at discounted prices on Rebag/ Poshmark. Your generosity is so much appreciated!

I’m also redoing my living space and my room. I’d love for a generous suitor to come along and help with the furnishing of my place! Below are some of the items I have my eyes on!​

If you would like to pick something out for me to wear for you…
Dress Size: 2
Pants Size: 26
Shirt Size: XS
Cup Size: 32AA
Shoe Size: US 7.5/ European 38

“There comes a moment in every person’s life when they realize they adore me.”

– Salvador Dali