First Date Nerves

Written by Selene Candace

A little nervous before our first date? Want to know a little about my personality prior to meeting? There’s way! Twitter/ insta of course! + my wishlist & blog

Anecdotes of my life, stories about my adorable puppy, and the occasional cute selfie allow you a window into my world. Following me grants you regular updates on my endeavors, offering a nuanced understanding of my personality. (The occasional political musing may slip onto my feed, but they are few and far between.) 

As for my wishlist, this is a place where you can see preferences in activities, bedroom attire/ decor, culinary delights!, & so on! 

By letting me know you did your homework, you demonstrate your attentiveness and interest in our rendezvous, fostering a sense of warmth and comfort in my presence.

I always appreciate those who put in the extra effort to get to know me better! 

Furthermore, reading my blog offers a plethora of topics ripe for conversation that might not have crossed your mind previously. Take a read and see if you come up with any conversation starters! Each post presents an opportunity to explore new avenues of thought, sparking curiosity and fostering meaningful discourse. Whether it’s an analysis of a current event, a personal anecdote infused with humor and warmth, or a thought-provoking exploration of a philosophical concept, there’s something for everyone to engage with and ponder.

This also provides a great way to make me feel special & at ease in your presence by letting me know you did your homework & you care about the outcome of our date.